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Designed to complete every FTM's transition, all penile prostheses are made by a Professional Prosthetist.

This is the ONLY site that can make this claim.

The FTM prostheses are proportioned to simulate a generic man's penis and testicles, and comfortably sits in your underwear, creating a very natural look. There are sizes to suit everyone and you'll find the perfect type prosthesis for your needs.

Whether it is "Flaccid", "Erect" or a combination of both, the "Dual", with or without foreskin, Every prosthesis is custom made with a choice of 15 skin shades.

Made from Medical grade silicone which is odorless and is the best material used in body prostheses. Ideally designed to be attached to the pubic area by medical adhesive.

However, they can also be worn freely in your underwear or with a harness. The ideal size and positioning of the penile protheses will not draw attention to an oversized bulge. They're not just a "packy", they both look and feel real.