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I have been in the field of prosthetics for the last 20 years, working in my own practice, as well as some of the major hospitals in Australia. Primarily, I am a Maxillo Facial Prosthetist constructing many different types of prostheses such as artificial eyes, ears and noses.

In 1995, a doctor who works with Trans-Gender patients approached me and asked if I could design some penile prostheses for his patients, as the only things available to them were some non-realistic 'packers'. With consultation of pre-op FTM's, I spent a year on research/development of the penile prostheses after which they were very happy with my results. Some examples of the other types of prostheses I construct can be seen in the gallery above.

Once I began, I found that the FTM community was very appreciative of my work and grateful that someone was making these protheses. I received great feedback from all people who had purchased my prostheses. Such positive feedback made all the time and effort that I put into the final prosthesis worthwhile.

I took a trip to Sydney to visit the major FTM Centre, where I was very happy to make the FTM prostheses available to the FTM Community there. I devised a method so I could construct the prosthesis where I live and work, in Adelaide, South Australia and still make the protheses available around the country.

In order to construct a custom made prosthesis, one needs to match the skin color with the prosthesis color. This led me to construct some silicone skin shade samples that I could send to anyone who was interested. They would then let me know their choice, so I could start work on their prosthesis. This worked well. Now, I have a large picture of these samples on this site (see the SKIN gallery above).

Through contacting some major FTM support groups in the USA, such as FTM INTERNATIONAL, then from people receiving their prostheses and being delighted with our work and service, we are listed on many sites.

During the research and development phase, I could not find anyone on the net offering a professional service. So, I decided to create my own web site where I could make my prostheses available to all the FTM communities anywhere around the country and the world.

Currently, 90% of our clients are in the U.S.

*Beware of low quality, cost and service offered by what seems to be a similar site to this.