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The dual penile prosthesis is an alternative to the flaccid and erect prostheses. It was researched and developed with the practical trial & co-operation of the Ftm prosthetic wearer pictured in the DUAL gallery above. The person wearing the Dual No Sack has his own testicular implants.

You are able to wear this prosthesis daily and for sex, without changing from one to the other.

The internal implant allows the wearer to manually bend the prosthesis 'down' in the flaccid position or 'up' into the erect position. Careful planning led us to use a non-metal implant, so no problems would be encountered at airport etc.

This prosthesis is hard enough for penetration but has a soft feel to it as well, so that it is comfortable to wear all day. Because the prosthesis hangs down it won't appear that you have too much of a bulge, it looks very natural.

You can order the dual prosthesis with or without the testicular sack. In 2 sizes : Dual (regular) and Large Dual.
**Note, the Dual No Sack does NOT come with the internal implant.