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The adhesive and solvent are medical grade, designed specifically to attach prostheses to human skin. Therefore, they will not cause skin allergies or irritation.

The particular adhesive we use to attach the penile prosthesis will even stay in place when swimming or exercising. The adhesive and solvent should last about 3 months, after which you can purchase the adhesive directly from the manufacturer (UK, US & Canada residents only).

An instruction file is sent out with every order. It gives you detailed instructions on how to look after your prosthesis, as well as how to use the medical adhesive and solvent.

Using Medical Adhesive & Solvent
Basic Instructions:

1. Shave the area where the prosthesis is to be attached.
2. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the back of the prosthesis (where it will only come into contact with the pubic area).
3. Wait until the adhesive begins to dry.
4. Press the prosthetic firmly onto the pubic area.
5. Hold in place for 60 seconds.
6. Apply a new layer of adhesive every day, or as needed.
7. Use solvent to remove adhesive residue on skin.

There is no need to shave the entire pubic area, only where the prosthesis is making contact, i.e. the attaching plate.