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I have been in the field of prosthetics for the last 20 years, working in my own practice as well as some of the major hospitals in Australia. Primarily, I am a Maxillo Facial Prosthetist, constructing many different types of prostheses such as artificial eyes, ears and noses.

In 1995, a doctor who worked with transgender patients approached me and asked if I could design some penile prostheses for his patients, as the only things available to them at the time were some non-realistic 'packers'. Consulting with pre-op FtMs, I spent a year on research and development of the penile prostheses. Some examples of the other types of prostheses I construct can be seen in the gallery above.

Once I started, I found that the FtM community was very appreciative of my work and grateful that someone was making this type of prosthetic. I received great feedback from all clients who had purchased my prostheses. Such positive feedback made all the time and effort that I put into the final prosthesis worthwhile.

I took a trip to Sydney to visit the major FtM Centre, where I was very happy to make the FtM prostheses available to the community there. I devised a method so that I could create the prosthesis where I live and work in Adelaide, South Australia, and still make the protheses available around the country.

In order to build a custom-made prosthesis, the client's skin color must be matched with the prosthesis color. This led me to construct some silicone skin shade samples that I could send to anyone who wanted swatches for color matching. They would then let me know their choice and I could start work on their prosthesis. These samples can be seen in the SKIN gallery above.

During the research and development phase I could not find anyone else on the net offering a comparable professional service. I then decided to create my own website where I would make my prostheses available to all the FtM communities anywhere around the country and the world.

Currently, 90% of our clients are in the U.S.