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I find it beneficial to show my work using photos so that I may showcase the lifelike detail in these prostheses. Please click on the FLACCID gallery above to see images.

The entire prosthesis (including testicles) is filled with a special gel which makes the prosthesis feel soft to the touch and gives it a credible weight. Most importantly it will squash just enough when clothes tighten over it.

There are 3 different sizes available, with or without foreskin:
Small (app. 3")
Mid (app. 4")
Large (app. 5")

There are 15 different skin shades provided so that everyone can have a custom made prosthesis to suit their individual needs.

The penile prostheses are designed to be attached to the pubic area by medical adhesive. Only the top half of the prosthesis needs to be attached. So, you can go to the toilet as you normally do without the need to remove the prosthesis. This also allows more freedom for movement. It enables the prosthesis to feel comfortable enough to wear 24/7.

These prostheses look and feel so good because of two main factors: the combining of silicone for the exterior material and a special gel used to fill the interior.