About Us

Designed to complete every FTM transition, all penile prostheses are custom made and hand-fabricated by a professional prosthetist.

The prostheses are proportioned to simulate a generic man's penis and testicles and comfortably sit in your underwear, creating a natural look. With a wide range of sizes, 15 skin shades and flaccid, erect and convertible "dual" models, there is a perfect prosthetic to suit your needs. Each type of prosthetic can be made with or without a foreskin.

Made from odorless, hypoallergenic medical grade silicone - the most durable material for use in body prostheses. Ideally designed to be attached to the pubic area by medical adhesive but may also be worn freely in your underwear or with a harness. 

They're not just a "packer" - they both look and feel realistic.

"Along with a perfect product, the communication between ordering and question emails I had was sharp and timely. I've never had such an easy transaction and fast delivery like this. I will definitely recommend you to whomever I can. Thank you so much for giving me the most perfect final piece of my transition!"

"I am sorry I did not write sooner to let you know that my prosthesis got here and how pleased I am. It has helped my self esteem so much. I knew that I wanted it but I had no idea just how much of an influence it would have on my sense of self and how comfortable it would make me."

"I've been very pleased with both products I ordered. I was very concerned about the erect one staying attached during intercourse but I was relieved to discover it wasn't a problem. I can't begin to tell you how much better my life has become. I feel "complete". I wish I would have taken the time to tell you sooner. Thank you!"